Lou Manfredo

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Rizzo's Daughter Book Cover

Rizzo's Daughter

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Brooklyn cop Joe Rizzo---“the most authentic cop in contemporary crime fiction” (starred review Kirkus Reviews)---is ready to retire and spend the rest of his days with his wife, doting on their grown-up girls. But when his youngest daughter, Carol, decides to follow her dad onto the force, Joe decides to stay on until she’s settled, calling in favors to get her assigned to the easiest house, the best training officer—anything to protect his baby girl.

While there, of course, he’s still working a few cases, though he never would’ve guessed that one of them would be the most sensational case of his career, the murder of mob boss Louie Quattropa. If mob wars were the worst of his problems, he could handle that, but with a daughter on patrol, Joe knows all too well what dangers await her and what little he can do about them.

With an authentic voice and breathtakingly accurate portrayal of police work, Lou Manfredo’s novels have won wide acclaim, and Rizzo’s Daughter raises the bar to a whole new level.

Rizzo's Fire Book Cover

Rizzo's Fire

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Lou Manfredo's remarkable first novel Rizzo's War won comparisons to Ed McBain and Joseph Wambaugh, plunging readers into the ambiguous world of real-life police work, where every decision a cop faces comes with a moral compromise.

Detective Sergeant Joe Rizzo returns in the gripping sequel-- Rizzo's Fire.

Though Rizzo's War ended with Rizzo thinking about retirement, Rizzo's Fire opens with the canny detective putting it off so that he can afford to finish paying off his daughters' college fees. With his old partner having been promoted to Police Plaza, he's bringing a new partner up to speed on his Brooklyn precinct. Investigating the case of a local recluse murdered in an apparent break-in, Rizzo notices a possible connection to another killing—that of a famed playwright in Manhattan. But alerting his bosses to this connection would mean a reassignment of the case, and Rizzo's been around long enough to know what solving this case would mean for his career—if he actually gets the chance to close it, which will mean pulling some strings and making some deals.

Closer to home, Rizzo learns that his youngest daughter has applied to be a cop—a career he doesn't want for his kids, as familiar as he is with the system and its daily ethical dilemmas. But his new partner sees it differently. Populated with flesh-and-blood characters and told with authority, Rizzo's Fire is a cop-story classic.

Rizzo's War Book Cover

Rizzo's War

In Paperback & Hardcover

Lou Manfredo's debut novel Rizzo's War introduces us to Detective Joe Rizzo and his young partner Mike McQueen.

After handling a series of small-time crimes, Rizzo and McQueen come up against a highly sensitive case involving a powerful Brooklyn councilman whose teenage daughter has gone missing. Rizzo notices several warning flags right from the start, beginning with the many higher-ups in New York's police organization who have an interest in the case. But where McQueen sees a crime that needs to be solved, Rizzo sees something else; a chance to earn the kind of favors that can erase his record with Internal Affairs.